Art of Particles

Curiosity is what drives us to explore

To make discoveries beyond the known world. To seek and understand matter and the role particles play. Let us take you inside the microcosmos of body fluids. A world of microscopically small objects that shape life.

The modular way of urinalysis

Analyse samples with clarity, precision and speed.

Combine the members of the new UN-Series to build a fully automated urinalysis workflow solution on a premium level. Analysis of native urine without any pretreatment prevents the known sources of error inherent in conventional urinary sediment. Full automation means unattended analysis with ample walk-away time, increasing your lab’s productivity.

what’s in it for you?

Flip through an overview of the exciting features of UN-Series.

Modularity and scalability

Opt for the UN-Series configuration that meets your workflow needs
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Improved discrimination between RBC and crystals

Thanks to our new depolarised side scattered light signal
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Differentiation of epithelial cells and casts

Twenty-eight parameters in total for urine particle analysis
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Improved differentiation of hyaline casts from mucus

By a the new algorithm incorporating more information about unique particle characteristics
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Body fluid mode always on board

No upgrade needed – switch modes by the switch of a button
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Differentiation of WBC

Nine parameters in total for body fluid analysis – find the root cause of infections faster
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Full bacteria count from body fluid samples

Immediate answers for bacterial infections
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Go beyond internal QC – fully automatically

Reliable daily external QC scheme with our SNCS network

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Microalbumin and creatinine testing available

Choice of two different test strips, one including creatinine and microalbumin
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UN-Series urinalysis solutions

UF-5000 / UF-4000

  • 17 diagnostic parameters (urine)
  • 11 research parameters (urine)
  • 9 diagnostic parameters (body fluids)
  • 0.45 mL aspiration volume
  • 2 mL sampling volume (urine)
  • 105 samples max. per hour (urine, UF-5000)
  • 80 samples max. per hour (urine, UF-4000)
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UF-5000 / UF-4000


  • 16 parameters
  • 2 types of test strips
  • 230 µL aspiration volume
  • 1 mL sampling volume
  • 276 samples per hour (max.)


  • 8 particle classes
  • 40 field images per sample (normal mode)
  • 80 field images per sample (precise mode)
  • 300 µL aspiration volume
  • 1.6 mL sampling volume (sampler mode)
  • 50 samples per hour (max.)
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  • 16 parameters
  • 2 types of test strips
  • 480 samples per hour (max.)
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Technology that allows you to see more

Innovative technologies for great analysis results

Fluorescence flow cytometry offers highly reliable, precise and accurate particle differentiation. However, the different components of the UN-Series each work with their own set of technology, which brings the much needed efficiency to your workflow. Click through the sliders below to learn more about the different technologies!

Fluorescence flow cytometry

The heart and core technology of the UN-Series is the unique urine fluorescence flow cytometry, featured on UF-5000 / UF-4000.
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Blue laser

For a more powerful determination of urinary particles, particularly bacteria, by UF-5000 / UF-4000.
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Imaging chamber

Images only when needed: After pre-selection through UF only pathological samples are being photographed in the UD-10 imaging chamber.
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Reflectance photometry with CMOS sensor

The CMOS camera of the UC-3500 / UC-1000 analyses each field of the test strip by recording the RGB signals.
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Refractometry flow cell

In this flow cell of the UC-3500, specific gravity, colour and cloudiness are analysed.
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Intelligent data management of the whole work area 

Clear reagent status indication and result display on one screen. QC data administration, rule-based workflow management and result interpretation. Rule sets can be customised for workflow optimisation. Slide through the different screens to get a first impression.


Set up the workflow you want.

The modularity of UN-Series offers you freedom. With our UN-Series we cover the complete urinalysis workflow while offering maximum flexibility: You can select your solution to set up the workflow as you need it. Whatever your choice, it means there will be no more hands-on urinalysis as the whole process is automated – the formerly manual reviews of certain pathological samples are now handled by UD-10. Finally, you get all the results on one screen, with all data centralised in one workstation.

Scalability included

Whatever urinalysis solution you start with, you can flexibly extend it by adding extra modules at a later stage. This ensures your investment is not lost if your lab is growing, since your urinalysis solution will grow with you. Both up- and downscaling (e.g. if order profiles change or you need to split your solution) is possible at any point in time.

You can connect up to nine modules in one line. All configurations are available as benchtop models or with wagons. To handle more sample tubes at a time by loading more racks on the system, you can add extra sample entry and exit modules.

exemplary workflows

UN-Series in the lab

Microbiology lab

Run your incoming samples initially on the UF-5000/4000 to find out whether samples are positive or negative for bacteriuria. Using a UF in your microbiology lab allows you to rapidly identify negative samples and proceed immediately with the UTI-positive ones. Using the additional ‘Bact info’ flag from the UF, you can select specific culture media for incubating the positive samples and check possible treatment options. With this workflow, you can save a lot of time as initial results become available within minutes instead of days. This means you can start treatment earlier and more targeted, and know at once when you can go without treatment. 

For visualisation and archiving of all cell types you wish to see, for instance for education purposes, you can add a UD-10 digital imaging device as an option to your UF.

Biochemistry lab

Start processing your urine samples with fast screening by the UC-3500, using test strips that include both creatinine and microalbumin tests. Based on the results of the test strip, the data manager U-WAM decides by rule settings which samples need to undergo sediment analysis. This happens fully automatically. With up to 28 parameters, particle analysis by the UF is very comprehensive, covering all pathological particle types and differentiating the relevant ones. If more investigation of certain particles is requested, you can perform manual sediment for those samples or opt for a UD-10, fully automating your urinalysis right through.

What’s next?

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